Clinico-Hematologic And Biochemical Profile Of Dimorphic Anemia With Bone Marrow Study

Introduction: Dimorphic anemia (combined iron and vit B12/Folate deficiency) has not been studied in this part of the country and the treatment may be ineffective if the dual deficiency is not diagnosed.

Material & Methods: A 1 year prospective hospital based study was conducted to correlate biochemical parameters with complete hemogram and bone marrow findings.

Results: The study group included 58 patients. The bone marrow correlated with peripheral smear in 49 cases ( 84.4%).Out of these 49 cases, only 12 cases showed low VitB12/folate with low ferritin. Therefore, there was complete correlation between the three parameters in 12/49(24.5%) cases only.

Conclusions: Bone marrow aspiration though invasive, provides a rapid and cost effective investigation for confirming the diagnosis of dimorphic anemia by reliably assessing the iron stores. Biochemical parameters though specific, are highly vulnerable to variation in their values. So, depending only on biochemical parameters may mislead the clinicians.